Learn the secrets of hyperrealistic painting

Very soon I will be publishing my tutorials aimed at beginners and intermediates who want to learn how to paint more realistically.
I will show you special techniques that I use in my paintings in both acrylic and oil painting, airbrush and colored pencils.
There will also be complete step-by-steps from idea to finished painting with all techniques I use to make the painting look more like a photo.
Below is a preliminary list of tutorials that I plan to do. I will most certainly add to this list along the way
and If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask for them

How to print your reference photos to exactly fit you canvas
How to gesso your canvas and what differece it makes
Airbrush masks of different kinds. Frisket film, greesproof paper, your own fingers and much more
Different ways of making your sketch from reference photos
When to paint with acrylic and when to use oil in the same painting. The best of both worlds
The flip technique
How to get your colors very close to the reference photo
Painting shiny objects.
Painting transparent things like water and glass
Painting blurry backgrounds

The human eye loves contrast. How to increase realism
A couple of tips on how to take care of you brushes
How to work with textures for stone, bark, clouds, skin and more
Airbrushing straight and blurry lines and other ways of painting lines and edges with help of home made “masks”
Don’t trust your eyes. Understand your brains limitations
How many colors make things realistic and the advantage of making mistakes

Photographing you original painting
Tips on photographing cars as reference for paintings
Photographing objects with blurry background. Beginners knowledge of shutter, ISO and aperture