American Art Collector Magazine

In the October-issue of American Art Collector Magazine my painting “Swimming at the cliffs” have a full spread!
Yes, I am proud. And my wife is too because she is the model 🙂
This is probably the world’s most important magazine for art-collectors and read by thousands of art lovers. A very good opportunity to be seen in the US.
A special thanks goes to Steven Diamant at Arcadia Contemporary in New York
and John O´Hern at American Art Collector Magazine.


New painting – “Golden girl”

Now I am ready with my “Golden girl”
This is one of the most time-consuming paintings I have done. Not strange with all those sun-reflections.
I am quite happy with the result. The illusion of the strong light works well I think.
Today I will varnish it and tomorrow it will ship to Gallery DivArt in Mexico.

“Golden girl”
Acrylic and oil on canvas.
57″ x 38″ 145 x 96 cm

Bottle still life

Here is my latest painting called “Skogens”
It’s an acrylic and oil on canvas. 38″x 20″ 97x51cm
I did a little break in my figurative works and painted this old bottle for a change.
I found it in the forest some years ago and the swedish text says
something like “The forest carbon Corp. vinegar factory”


The letters in the glass is of course the big challange here. So much details to struggle with. But fun of course. I like the old glass where the background gets distorted.

I have collected and painted a lot of glass bottles but this one has become one of my favorites. Here are some older paintings of the same bottle.

Bottles in window


New painting

Now I’m ready with my third painting of Hanna in lace panties. I like the Swedish atmosphere in this painting. The referencephoto was taken last summer at the lake I was living close to before I moved this February. I made a short movie clip when I painted the pattern on the panties. You can see it here:
As you may have noticed, I have added a section on my website called Video. For the moment this links to my YouTube channel where you can see some short videos with my art.

hyperrealism lace

New painting

Finally I am ready with my first painting since we moved to our new house.
I call this one Lace II“. Its an acrylic and oil on canvas. 36 x 54″ 91x137cm
This is actually the same panties and the same woman as in the painting that MEAN
(European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain) bought from me a couple of years ago.
You can see that one in my blogpost from february 26

hyperrealism painting nude


Last weekend my wife and I was in Barcelona for a few days just to relax and get a break from the big project of moving to our new house.
At the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (MEAM) witch really is worth a visit if you like realistic and figurative paintings, it was nice to find the paintings “Lace” that the museum bought from me a couple of years ago.