…or “How to become a millionaire in only 20 paintings”
I’ve made a bet with my son Joachim (https://www.wessmark.art/) about who can first become a millionaire from his art. Whoever wins gets a crate of beer from the loser.

I have now made a painting of 1 SEK and the painting will costs 1 SEK. (9,5 SEK = $1)
When I have sold that painting I own 2 SEK that I will paint on my next painting, which will cost 2 SEK.
When I have sold that painting I own 4 SEK that I will paint on my next painting, which will cost 4 SEK.
When I have sold that painting…. and so on I will dubble the price (and the amount of money depictured in the painting) for every painting.
When I have sold the 20 th paintings I am a millionaire and have won the bet.

If you are interested in being part of this project and own one of the paintings in the series, please e-mail me at brev@johanneswessmark.se and reserve one of the available paintings.

Painting no.1 – price 1 SEK Reserved
Painting no.2 – price 2 SEK Reserved
Painting no.3 – price 4 SEK Reserved
Painting no.4 – price 8 SEK Reserved
Painting no.5 – price 16 SEK Reserved
Painting no.6 – price 32 SEK Reserved
Painting no.7 – price 64 SEK Reserved
Painting no.8 – price 128 SEK Reserved
Painting no.9 – price 256 SEK Reserved
Painting no.10 – price 512 SEK Reserved
Painting no.11 – price 1.024 SEK Reserved
Painting no.12 – price 2.048 SEK Reserved
Painting no.13 – price 4.096 SEK Reserved
Painting no.14 – price 8.192 SEK Reserved
Painting no.15 – price 16.384 SEK Reserved
Painting no.16 – price 32.768 SEK AVAILABLE
Painting no.17 – price 65.536 SEK AVAILABLE
Painting no.18 – price 131.072 SEK AVAILABLE
Painting no.19 – price 262.144 SEK AVAILABLE
Painting no.20 – price 524.288 SEK AVAILABLE


Nu närmar det sig min utställning “I can’t believe it’s a painting” hos Galleri Scandinavia på Berzeliigatan 14 i Göteborg.
Mellan den 15 – 29 november visar jag ett flertal nya målningar tillsammans med några gamla godingar från tidigare år. Dessutom ett par överraskningar i en helt ny stil…
Både original och reproduktioner finns att välja på för den som kommer att tänka på att det faktiskt snart är dags att köpa julklappar.
Här finns lite mer info om var galleriet ligger och när det är öppet:

“Brothers in arms” är en av de helt nya målningarna till utställningen.

New gallery collaboration

Today I can announce a new collaboration with Galleri Scandinavia in Stockholm.
They will sell both original paintings as well as prints of my works.
Here are some links so you can find them
Webpage: https://galleriscandinavia.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galleriscandinavia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GalleriscandinaviaStockholm/
The first painting on their wall is my Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 24″x40″ Available at Galleri Scancdinavia, Stockholm


New car painting in progress

Hi all.
For the moment I am working on a small (12″x12″ – 30×30 cm) painting of a Lincoln Continental. I will bring it to Arvika on sunday for the car meet Rule Britannia at Arvika Fordonsmuseum.

work in progress

More is happening…
I am invited to exhibit at Ekerum Konsthall on Öland next summer. Very proud about this!
Moreover I am also starting a coorperation with Gallery Scandinavia in Stockholm this fall. Looking forward to be seen more in sweden again 🙂


Hi. It has been quite a while so here are some updates.

A couple of weeks ago I installed nine BIG prints at a the local spa hotel Selma Spa.
They will be hanging for the rest of the year and I hope it will lead to some extra visitors here in my studio.
Here is an article in the newspaper (in swedish)

I have been painting cars this winter and spring and it really is satisfying. I especially like the older classic ones. For the moment I have a Volvo P1800 on the easel. You can see more about this at the section CARS. Aug 5 I will have my first car exhibition at Arvika Car Museum.IMG_0728

The new art gallery Riviera Gallery in Cannes, Spain opened recently. They have two of my paintings and a few prints.

Jaguar Project7-2000px
“Project7” Acrylic and oil on canvas. 58×100 cm. 23×39″ Available at Riviera Gallery in Cannes, France