Hi. It has been quite a while so here are some updates.

A couple of weeks ago I installed nine BIG prints at a the local spa hotel Selma Spa.
They will be hanging for the rest of the year and I hope it will lead to some extra visitors here in my studio.
Here is an article in the newspaper (in swedish)

I have been painting cars this winter and spring and it really is satisfying. I especially like the older classic ones. For the moment I have a Volvo P1800 on the easel. You can see more about this at the section CARS. Aug 5 I will have my first car exhibition at Arvika Car Museum.IMG_0728

The new art gallery Riviera Gallery in Cannes, Spain opened recently. They have two of my paintings and a few prints.

Jaguar Project7-2000px
“Project7” Acrylic and oil on canvas. 58×100 cm. 23×39″ Available at Riviera Gallery in Cannes, France


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